Mason County Leaders

Jun 17, 2019

Here’s what Mason County leaders have to say about the Mason County synthetic fuel plant:


Opportunities like this don’t come along every day. We are very pleased here in Mason County to have this facility coming to our area. It’ll not only help with economic development, it’ll positively impact our tax base.

When you have infrastructure of this size being built, the impact will be felt throughout the entire community. It’ll give our citizens hope. It provides a brighter future to look forward to, for the youth, the old, and shows that Mason County can still thrive.

Tracy Doolittle, Mason County Commission

We’re lacking jobs. The depth of our job pool not being what it once was, a plant coming to Mason County is an opportunity to not only put our citizens back to work but would also encourage our youth to stay here instead of leaving for other areas.

Because this is impacting both coal and natural gas, this facility will benefit the entire Mountain State.”

Sandy Dunn, real estate broker, Homestead Realty

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see an industry arrive in Mason County and to grow with the community.

We’ve had students finishing trade school with successful records. Last year, we had students graduate from high school on a Friday, and were working in a real life scenario within a three-day period. Any time students can be trained to enter the workforce at this capacity, a no-lose situation is created. For us, that’s always a win.

Sam Nibert, vocational teacher at the Mason County Career Center and county commissioner

We have rail, we have barge access, we have access to Interstate 64. We are a hidden treasure in the state of West Virginia. Our people are eager and willing to work, they just need an opportunity. We would love to see Domestic Synthetic Fuels come here and create these positions for our people.

You’re not just talking about 130 people; you’re talking about their spouses and their children as well.

Rick Hanley, chairman of Region 2 Planning and Development and county commissioner

The location is ideal. Domestic Synthetic Fuels will have everything they need to be successful, and we welcome them.

Domestic Synthetic Fuels really fits within Mason County. People who live here won’t have to travel outside the area to find work. They can stay home with their families, their kids can go to school here, and they won’t have to consider moving for a career. The jobs will be right here and they can stay in the Mountain State.

Mario Liberatore, president of the Mason County Economic Development Authority

This will have a tremendous economic impact on the county and the social fabric of the community. Our young people have been leaving. It’d be great to bring them back into the community, create jobs and opportunity, and provide job skills to go with it. We might even bring other companies.

We’ve shipped our coal and timber out of state. We don’t want to ship our natural gas out. If we can do something to bring the coal market back and use natural gas along with it, it’s a plus for the whole state

John Musgrave, Executive Director, Mason County Economic Development Authority

We graduate 275 to 300 students a year. We know what it takes to staff a plant. So if you need people with a two-year degree we can accommodate that. We can work with you.

Our students can graduate and go work in any kind of factory setting they want.

Jack Cullen, superintendent, Mason County Schools


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